Daniel Gendron was raised in Tokyo, Japan and is a 1981 graduate of The Culinary Institute of America.  He has worked throughout New York City’s fine restaurants and catering establishments and was formerly the Chef of Valeur Mansion, a very popular wedding location off River Road in Rhinebeck, NY.  Daniel Gendron received his Certified Executive Chef status through The American Culinary Federation.  The Tasting Room restaurant now in its 9th year offers guests an open kitchen and a place where every table is the chef’s table.

Daniel proudly follows in the footsteps of his father, Jean Pierre Gendron, who was the chef and host of the well-reviewed and much-loved Lucky Pierre restaurant.  The January 8th, 1955 issue of the New York Herald Tribune proclaimed “Tiny Lucky Pierre’s is a French Find” and sang the many praises of the “Amazing Young Man” and his wonderful restaurant located downstairs from the famous Latin

Quarter in New York City.  A dining experience at The Tasting Room offers something very similar to Jean Pierre’s “Petit French Coin” with unique food prepared from fresh ingredients and an ever-present chef and host.

Chef Daniel’s thoughts concerning Hospitality…

All events require the integration of ingredients, resources and experience.These elements come together in the final dish.
Whether it’s a formal sit down dinner an small intimate wedding with buffet or station setups, all food must complement each other within the selected menu.  The best menus are always created in collaboration with our clients and we are genuinely interested in your ideas. Our sample menus are meant to serve as examples of what can be done, a way of inspiring your own thoughts on the types of foods you would like us to prepare for you.  We strongly support local farms and their methods of producing sustainable foods.

Is a visual thing based on textures, color and the theme established for your event.  Our Foods are always prepared with an Explosion of Flavor and a Riot of Colors!

In addition to taste and presentation are the details defined through collaborative efforts, that ultimately determine the final affair.    We know what is required to run a seamless event.